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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tour

It's that time of year again! As Lucy would say, time to "deck them halls and all that stuff!" This year I'm happy to be participating in Christmas Tours over at Southern Hospitality, Hooked on Houses, and The Nester.

As you look through the post you'll notice there's no tree.....I got so carried away with the pictures that I decided not to put any tree pictures here. But for the record, I do have a tree and will be featuring it in a separate post later on. By the way, if you're one the ladies sharing your trees and decor, don't forget to stop by A Baby Changes Everything on Tuesday and link up your Christmas Tree post for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash. (And link up at our other events too. Go here for more details.)

To begin our 2nd annual holiday tour, we have a very special treat! This is photo of our house decked out with real "Alabama Snow!" Isn't it glorious?

For some reason, I find it nearly impossible to get a good pictures of Christmas lights, regardless of the outside lighting or camera settings, but I did my best!

We begin our tour in the living room where I have a couple of displays and items to share, starting with our 3 snowmen here. When you go through this entire post, you'll probably think that I'm obsessed with snowmen....but actually most of them were gifts. Over the years I seem to have acquired quite a collection! (And I must admit, they are quite cute!)

The snow village.....

Last year I decorated the entertainment center in blue and silver, but this year I went with red and gold. I just love these cone shaped trees! I wish I had a whole forest of them!

This village is an easy one piece set up. I have an entire box of villages out in our storage building...but it takes so much time to set up. Maybe one day I'll put them out, but for now I'm loving this one...

The stockings were hung on the China cabinet with care.....

A couple of cute pieces.

Last year's dining room centerpiece is now at the top of the China Cabinet.

Kitty Cat Stockings.....

Last year this wreath was adorned in mice ornaments, but this year to keep with the red & gold theme, I decided to just add some gold accents and ornaments that came off a predecorated Christmas tree.

A couple of Hallmark special animals.....

And some Hallmark Sock Monkeys.....

Moving On To The Kitchen........

After Christmas last year I bought some new garland and balls to put over the cabinets. It really adds a lot of color....and fun to the room. (Note all the snowmen items hanging from the drawers above and the snow men towels hanging on the stove below...not to mention a couple of snowmen on the counter.)

I saw so many glass containers filled with Christmas balls last year on the tours that I decided to do a few of my own.

The "Kitchen Tree"

If any of you are in to antiques or "country kitchen stuff," I got these out of the Lakeside Catalog. (Note once again, the snowmen.)

My stepmom painted this plate for us two Christmas's ago.

Some close up pictures of the garland and balls over our other two cabinets....

....And the following two pieces actually don't go together. One is a card hold and the other is just an ornament. I couldn't find a good place to put the ornaments, so I hung them that's the story behind that. (But at least they both feature snowmen, and they're both from Hallmark...okay, maybe this looks a little weird...)

More Christmas Balls in glass containers. (I told you I liked the idea!)

And the kitchen table decked out in what else....snow men!
This Christmas Tree plate is one of my favorite pieces. My husband bought it for me 2 years ago.

....And more snowmen.

....And even S'more Snowmen!

Thanks for stopping by for my Home Tour. Don't forget to come by next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash! We'll have some great events and great prizes to give away!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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