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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun Halloween Party Games

Here are some fun and affordable activities for your child's Halloween party. Some of these would also be great for school parties:
  • Costume Contest - Have the kids vote on who has the best costume.
  • Scavenger hunt- Have the kids break up into teams. Make a list of items for the kids to find. (Include everyday items and Halloween items (a pumpkin, candy, toy spider, ect.)
  • Capture the flag - Divide the kids into two teams. Each team gets a flag to hide and defend. Just like in tag, the members of each team have the power to tag members of the other team, "freezing" them for a specific amount of time.
  • Pumpkin Bowling - Buy plastic bowling pins or spraypaint some 2 liter coke bottles. Use plastic pumpkins for bowling balls.
  • Guess the Pumpkin's Weight - Get a pumpkin (or perhaps more than one. maybe a small one and a large one) Have each kid to gues how much the pumpkin weighs. Whoever gets closer to the actual weight wins a prize. (For another game, you can ask the kids to guess how many seeds are in the pumpkin.)
  • How many beans are in the the jar? - Put jelly beans or candy corns into a glass jar. Have the kids guess how many candies are in the jar.
  • Make-A-Mummy - Have the kids partner up. Use toilet paper or white streamers. Have the kids turn their partner into a mummy. Whoever is done first, wins.
  • Needle in the Haystack - Make a small pile of hay. Hide money or other prizes in it, and have the kids search for it.
  • Apple Bobbing - Put water and apples into a barrel or extra large bowl. Have the kids pull out the apples with their mouths.
  • Apple Eating Contest - Put up a clothes line. Hang apples of the line with a string. Get a timer and see who can eat the most of their apple in a specified amount of time.
  • Pumpkin Toss - Like a bean bag toss, but instead get small pumpkins and have the kids toss them to the holes.
  • Charades/Outburst - Make up a list of Halloween items and costumes. Break the kids up into 2 teams. Have the kids play charades, acting out the part of the item on the card, or have them to give verbal clues to their team mates.

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