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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet Thursday: Snowman Cupcakes

Introducing Sweet Thursday! I've received a lot of positive feedback on recipes and other food related posts. For this reason, some of the new features I'm planning on trying are about food. Sweet Thursday would/will specifically feature desserts and sweets. Why Sweet Thursday? When thinking about the new features, I wanted to come up with catchy titles, perhaps using words from the title of the blog. When thinking of desserts, what better word to use than Sweet? Then the phrase "Sweet Thursday" entered my head, as in the book by John Steinbeck. Since I'm a big fan of Steinbeck's writing, I fell in love with the idea of borrowing his title for my blog feature.

The feature will include anything from pictures of baked items from the web(as in this first example), a featured recipe, featured links, featured websites, featured desserts from resturants, product reviews, and basically anything having to do with desserts & sweets.

For this first installment of Sweet Thursday, I decided to feature some snowman cupcake photos. All of the pictured cupcakes were found on flickr, and the link beside each pic will take you to the profile of the person who created the cupcake. If you're a cupcake fan, you'll love these! Enjoy!




queen of tartes

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