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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Candy Apples: Photos & Links

Fall is the time for Halloween and the country fair, and no county fair or Halloween party is complete without candy apples. I looked around the internet and found several sites that might be of interest to you. They include instructions/recipes to make candy apples, and they feature a variety of different kinds that you can make. (funny, growing up I'd only ever heard of 3 kinds: the caramel ones, the red ones, and the ones with nuts.)

Each link is described below, and as a bonus I posted a few delicous looking photos for you viewing pleasure.

Ehow - For directions on how to make candy apples - another site that offers instructions on making candy apples (again) - facts & lots of links about candy apples
Cooking Light - learn how to make cinnamon candied apples - Video shows you how to make caramel apples
Wikipedia - the history of candy apples (for nerds like me)
Family Fun shows how to make mini candie apples (pictured below). Very cute!

myrecipes - This site has a gallery of 14 different kinds of candy apples. Below I've posted some a few of their photos. Visit their site to learn more about the photos and find out all the different kinds of candy apples you can make.

Personally I like the Granny Smith Apples with caramel, but that's just me. Though I wouldn't mind a taste of the chocolate or chocolate-peanut butter, and maybe the toffee flavored!

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