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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recipe of the Week: Cake Mix Cookies

A lot of the times when I want fresh-baked cookies, I just buy cookie dough and bake it, because it's so easy, especially now that they have the break-and-bake stuff. But for gift baskets and parties, I like to have cookies that I can truly say were made by me.

Here's an incredibly easy cookie recipe that I just tried for the first time the other day. These are so sweet and delicious, I could hardly wait to share them! This recipe is so good it should be taught in cooking schools! The best thing about this recipe (besides the taste, of course) was that I had all the ingredients on hand already. I just hate finding a new recipe and not being able to make it because I'm lacking ingredients. As soon as I found the recipe, I got up immediately and had them made in minutes. Perfect!

I'm planning on making cookie & candy gift baskets for people, and these are definitely going in the baskets! I'm also submitting these to the following carnivals: Cottage Magpie hosted a cookie exchange this week, and My Kitchen Treasures is hosting a Homemade Christmas Gifts event. I'm also posting these on The Happy Housewife for the dessert portion of the Bloggy Progressive Dinner and to the Eat Christmas Cookies event at Food Blogga.

Happy Baking!

Recipe for Cake Mix Cookies:


1 Yellow Cake Mix
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup oil
1 egg
candy sprinkles (optional)

Directions: Mix eggs, water, oil, and cake mix. After well mixed, add sprinkles. Roll into balls and place on greased cookie sheet or cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. Place about 2 inches apart. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. (Makes 2 dozen cookies)

Tips & Suggestions:

-After baking, cover with additional sprinkles or dust with powdered sugar.
-If you've got a real sweet tooth, upon cooling, cover cookies with your favorite icing.
-Try this recipe with other flavored cake mixes, or change it up by adding nuts or chocolate chips.
-To keep dough from sticking to your hands, cover your hands in powdered sugar.


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