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Monday, August 2, 2010

CoverGirl Smoky Eye Look Review & Giveaway

I guess you could say that I've always been a "CoverGirl." Since I was old enough to wear makeup I've always used CoverGirl products.  Over the years I've tried out their various liquid foundations, pressed powders, and eye makeups.  And I'm always excited to see the new products they roll out.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out CoverGirl's new Smoky Eye Look kits.  These kits are designed to help you create the that smoky eye look you see on all the models and actresses out there. (You know that look that appears so glamorous on hot superstars, but if you tried it, you'd look like you just lost a fist fight? Yes, that look!)

The kits come in three varieties:  Natural Look, Glamorous Look, and Bold Look.

And each kit makes it easy to create the smoky eye look with 3 products: SmokyShadowBlast, LineExact Liquid Liner Pen, and LashBlast Volume Mascara.

For the purposes of this review I received all three Smoky Eye Look Kits, along with a makeup artist chair, bag, mirror, and tips from makeup artist Molly Stern. Of the three kits, my favorite is the Natural Look.  This kit comes with the SmokyShadow Blast in Bronze Fire, LashBlast Mascara in Brown, and LineExact Liquid Liner in Brown.

When I try new makeup, I judge it based on 4 different aspects The first is how the makeup looks on me.  I was very pleased in this area.  The makeup looked very nice, with bold yet very clean, natural lines.  It looked very glamorous without being overdone, and I felt very confident wearing it. 

The second I look at is how easy the makeup is to apply.  In the past I've had issues with eye liner not going on as easy as I would like, so I was very happy at how easy the LineExact Liquid Liner was to apply and how quickly it dried after application. Also, this was my first time to use an eye shadow that wasn't in pressed or loose powder form, and I found myself very surprised at how easy it was to apply as well.  As for the LashBlast Volume Mascara, I was actually using this type of mascara prior to receiving these kits for review, and I've always been happy with its easy application.

The third thing I look at is the one I always seem to have the most trouble with. My third area is how well the makeup holds up; that is, whether it's going to smear or rub off, and how good it's going to look after several hours of wear. I was (and still am) very excited about how well this makeup holds up.  With most eye shadows, the look seems to rub off or fade after a while, but several hours after application I can still see the SmokyShadowBlast eye shadow very well.  And of all the things I like about the products I received, my favorite thing is how well the LineExact Liquid Liner holds up.  I've had so much trouble with other liners smearing and makeup having to be fixed or reapplied.  But I have not had the problem with this eye liner. In fact, I wore it to a picnic the other day in very humid, 100 degree weather, and the makeup held up perfectly! I was so happy to look in the mirror when I got home and not find racoon eyes!

Finally, being on a budget I always have to consider the price of products. And I'm happy to report that these kits sell for just $16.50 in Wal-Mart stores and at  For three great products, that price is unbeatable!

I'm so happy I had this opportunity to find this fabulous looking makeup that I can be confident wearing throughout the day! If you're out doing some back to school shopping with the kids you should pick up your own CoverGirl Smoky Eye kit!

To help you try this makeup for yourself, MyBlogSpark has given me one $20 Walmart giftcard to give away to one Simply Sweet Home reader. 

Giveaway Closed. Congrats to Doreen of Treasured Reviews!


Disclosure: To host this giveaway, I was given all three CoverGirl Smoky Eye Kits, along with a makeup artist chair, mirror, makeup bag, and tips from Molly Stern.  All products and the Walmart giftcard being given away as a prize were provided by MyBlogSpark. All the opinions expressed here are mine.  

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