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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flower Arrangement and Vase Revamp

I love the brightness and color that flowers add to a room.  A few months ago my mom and stepdad were cleaning out my step dad's mom's house. (His mother recently passed away.)  Among the possessions to be divided between the children, there were a lot of odds and ends that weren't really worth anything and nobody really wanted.  So they either became trash or goodwill items.  The above flower arrangement was on her kitchen table.  My mom asked me if I wanted it, or if she should put it in Goodwill.

My stepdad looked up and said, "Throw that thing away.  You've been trying to give it away all week, and nobody wants it."  Well, on that note, I decided I'd take it. Now here's what it actually looked like originally:

The vase was actually quite cute. It just didn't match the flowers.  Mom suggested  I take the fake flowers out and just use it as a vase or a container for something else.  But I  actually liked the flowers.  My solution? Mod Podge of course!
I simply took a little scrapbook paper, brushed on a little Mod Podge, wrapped it around the vase, and voila!  Flowers with a color coordinated vase!  I actually made it to match this Initial Art that I shared a few weeks ago. (But I didn't stop there! Wait till you see the other items in my new colection!)

By the way, if you want to start on this project from scratch, simply find an old vase. (If you don't have one around your house, you can always buy one at the thrift store or buy it new at the dollar store).  Then get some "florist foam." (I'm using quotes because I don't know if that's what it's called; that's just what I call it!)  Alternatively you could use styrofoam.  Then just place it inside your vase, and then poke a bunch of flower stems in to it. Very easy!  Then decorate your vase as desired!

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