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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Ultimate Wish List

Today Jen at Tater Tots and Jello and Beckie from Infarrantly Creative are hosting a Holiday Meme Party.

 One of the choices of topic to post on is: What is on your must have Christmas List?

So here are a few things I'd love---LOVE to have!!

1. New Laptop!! Seriously! I'm using my old desktop because my laptop, beyond needing to be fixed, also needs a new battery, and it could use a new cord as well.  By the time, I got all this done I could have a new one!  So I'm just using the old desktop for now! I know Santa probably won't be able to get me one this year (but maybe some time next year?)

2. The Cricut - I'm totally jealous of all you Cricut owners out there!  In fact, I talk about what I would do with the cricut so much that it's probably on my husband's wish list as well!

3. Digital Camera - I'm kind of clueless about technology, so I just assumed that our digital camera was a pretty good one, and I guess it was when we bought it in 2007. (yeah,'s ancient!)  But then I started seeing all these awesome pictures on the blog (of the quality that my camera is just simply incapable of taking.)  Then last year my nieces got digital cameras for Christmas and I looked at the megapixels and other specs on their cameras, and I realized they were about twice as good as mine! So for my blogging purposes, a new camera would be awesome!

Of course, I could always name more, but those are my Big 3!

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