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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pittsburgh Steeler Cupcakes

This week instead of sharing a recipe for my food post, I'm sharing these cupcakes that I made over the weekend.  My husband is a HUGE sports fanatic, and his favorite team guessed it! The Pittsburgh Steelers! 

As soon as we found out that the Steelers would be playing in the AFC Championship Game, I knew I had to make something special for my hubby.  His favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing, which just so happens to be a perfect tie in for the Black and Gold!

How to Make My Easy and Super Yummy Cupcakes
For the cupcakes, I just used a yellow cake mix and baked as directed. The only thing I added to the recipe was a tablespoon of almond flavoring and a tablespoon of vanilla. This really gives it a rich flavor! 

And then I just used a store bought frosting.  Normally I heat the canned frosting when using it for sheet cakes, but for this I just put it straight into the piping bag.  I had enough frosting in the can to frost 12 cupcakes, and then just enough left over to heat up and pour over a small 9 inch cake that I made to go alongside the cupcakes.  But if you plan on making 2 dozen cupcakes with canned frosting, I'd suggest you get an extra can. 

Cupcake Topper Tutorial

You will not believe how easy it was to make my cupcake toppers!  Before I get to the tutorial I should remind you that sports and other logos are copyrighted and files should be used for personal use only, unless you have permissions to use them otherwise.  I'm not sure what all the copyright rules are because in spite of this, I've seen a lot of items on etsy that use copyrighted logos and the like.  But I would just be careful, and only use logos like this for your own personal projects.

Here's What You'll Need:
Glue or tape
Scissors or a Round Paper Punch
Computer w/ Printer.

Step 1: Go on the internet and search for the logo of your favorite sports team. (I just typed in "Pittsburgh Steelers Logo."  Wikipedia is great source for this. (After finding the Steelers logo on here, I checked for some other teams, and Wikipedia appears to have a logo for every team out there.)  But if not, you should be able to find something on  just a straight internet search.

Step 2:  Right click on the logo and save it.  Next open up a Word document.  (You could use a photoshop program or other application as well, but Word is just fine with me.)  On a new document in Word, go to the Insert tab, and Insert a Picture.  Select your Picture (the logo), and it will appear on your screen.  Now highlight the image and copy it, and then just paste it on to the document as many times as you like.  (I was able to fit 16 logos onto my page.) Note: If you don't know how to copy/paste, you can also choose to keep inserting the photo onto the page.

Step 3:  After you have your images ready, print them out on card stock.  Then use scissors or a paper punch to punch out your logos.

Step 4: Use glue or tape to attach your logos to the toothpicks.  For mine, I placed the toothpick about half way up the circle.

Step 5: Stick these in your iced cupcakes, and you've got a super cute, yet easy and inexpensive cupcake decoration!  And your party guests will love them!

There you have it! Quick and easy cupcake toppers!

And my cupcakes must have been lucky, because now the Steelers are moving on to the Super Bowl!  So if you're a fan you should definitely make some of these for your party on February 6!  And if you're not a Steeler fan, you can even make some for "that other team."  LOL.

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