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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Organizing Round Up: Cabinets

For the Organizing Round-Up at I'm an Organizing Junkie I worked on a few cabinets in my kitchen. Since we just moved here last fall, the cabinets weren't terribly cluttered and they were already pretty well-organized, but I did make some slight changes.

My goal for this round-up was to take the space I have and re-arrange items within the space so that the space can be used to contain more items. So while, my tranformations aren't very dramatic, I did at least accomplish this goal.

Also, check out my post on Cabinet Organizing Tips and Kitchen Organizing tools. Now onto my project:

Cabinet Above Stove: Before

After: I removed a few items from this cabinet and placed them in drawers or in the "spice cabinet" which you'll see in another photo. And meanwhile, I took the baking mixes I had in my spice cabinet and placed them in this cabinet. The result: A neatly arranged cabinet of baking mixes and breakfast items.

Spice Cabinet: Before

After: I did some swapping around with some of the items from the cabinet above the stove. Result: The bottom shelf of this cabinet is a lot neater.

Bowls, Etc. Cabinet: Before

After: In this cabinet, I have my storage containers, baking dishes, bowls, and a few serving dishes. The only thing I did here was a little re-stacking, and I took some items from another cabinet and placed them in here. The Result: More items in one place, and I now have a little space to work with on the top.

Food Cabinet #1: Before. I went through a process with this one. I have a small pantry, so I store some of our food in this cabinet, as well as vitamins and prescription meds that my husband takes each day. And for the round-up project, I decided to clear some of this space so that more food could be stored here.

In this pic, as you can see, the top left hand shelf has been cleared of the bakeware that was there, and it now contains food. Also, the can goods that were on the bottom right have now been contained on the left hand side.
Later in the month, I decided to store some snacks in this cabinet, and bakeware on the middle right hand shelf got moved (to the cabinet with all the bowls and stuff). And come to think of it, this third picture looks worse than the original picture.

And finally I took the snacks out of their boxes and plaed them in the little white basket. I also managed to do a fix my husband's medicine shelf with a little basket. The Result: A much neater cabinet with a little extra space to spare!




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