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Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Hoppin' Tuesday: Show Off Your Art

This week's blog hop theme is "Show Off Your Art." Well, I'm no artist. But my stepmother is. Last year at Christmas time, she painted a portait for each of us. I personally love landscapes and country home pictures. I especially love the work of Thomas Kinkade. So when Donna asked me what kind of picture I'd like to have painted, so I showed her some of my favorite Thomas Kinkade photos from an old calendar I had.

I chose one of my favorites, and she used it as a model to paint me a picture. And this was her finished product. It looks very lovely in our living room.

Another thing that makes this portrait special is the frame around it. My dad's not an artist either, but he's great fix-it man and builder (not to mention, a great cook...but that's another story). So my dad actually built the frames to go around all the canvases. Great Job, Dad!

My dad also made some awesome birdhouses for all of us, which Donna painted. I'll definitely share those with you in the future, as well as some more of Donna's work.


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