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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marcal Small Steps Review/Giveaway

This may shock some of you, but I'm not the most environmentally friendly person.  I do hate it when people literally drives me up the wall! (No pun intended.) And I do reuse all my plastic bags, and I  recycle aluminum and tin cans at my house.  And I've recently started saving glass jars and other containers so that I can use them for crafts or other purposes.  And I generally try to conserve water and electricity so my husband doesn't faint when we get the utility bill.  Okay...maybe I am environmentally friendly!  However, I must confess, I do not use the term "green." Though green is one of my favorite colors, the environmental term "green" drives me nuts! (Sorry!! I'm just being honest!)

But I care about environment (as per my examples above).  And I'm always willing to try "environmentally friendly" products.  Recently I introduced you to an environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care product company, and now I have the pleasure of introducing you to a company that specializes in 100% recycled paper products!  

"Marcal Paper Products was established in 1950.  They pride themselves on being the first environmentally friendly paper company.  In 2009, Marcal Manufacturing introduced the Marcal Small Steps line of 100% recycled bath tissue, towels, napkins and facial tissue for both home consumption and to distributors for commercial use. These products deliver strong performance without the typical “green premium” cost. The name Small Steps signifies the small and easy steps toward making a difference in the world that you can make by using these recycled paper products."

Small Steps line of paper products are:
•100% premium recycled paper
•Virtually Lint Free
•Free of Dyes and Fragrances
•Manufactured without Chlorine Bleaching

Recently I was given the opportunity to try some of the Marcal Small Steps products. I was excited when a large box was delivered to my house.  Inside was array of products: paper towels, facial tissue, two-ply bathroom tissue, one-ply bathroom tissue, and some napkins.

My favorite products were the napkins and paper towels.  We usually use paper towels for everything, but I think napkins are good for parties or for when you have people over, so I like to have them on hand.  The Marcal napkins were of a good quality, and I liked the texture.

I also liked the paper towels.  Personally I've never been very particular about paper towels.  We usually just buy whatever brand is on sale.  I like the thick, cloth-like, paper towels, but sometimes they are very linty, and I just don't think they're worth the extra money.  The Marcal Small Steps paper towels did a good job.  They had little hearts in the texture which I thought was cute.  And my favorite thing about them was the small size.  We usually use paper towels at meal time, and I find most of the time, we don't really need a whole paper towel, so it's good to have this smaller version, because you can always tear off more if you need it, and you don't waste as much.  This is also great when it comes to cleaning.  Again, I'd find myself tearing off a traditional paper towel and thinking, "What a waste this is.  I only need about half of this or a third of this!"

Overall, I liked the Marcal Small Steps Products.  I liked that they were virtually lint free, and I was satisfied with the overall quality.  And the fact that they are made from 100% recycled paper is great plus!  Want to check them out?  Find a Store in your area.  You can also see how many trees you and your family can save by looking at this Tree Calculator.

Win it! One Simply Sweet Home reader will win a $25 Marcal Small Steps Starter pack! Your pack will include paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and facial tissue. 

Giveaway Closed. Thanks for entering!


Full Disclosure:  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  I was provided with several products from Marcal to review for this post.  The opinions posted here are mine.

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