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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January's Jewelry Showcase


As one year ends and another begins, I always find myself coming up with new goals that I want to achieve and tasks that I want to take on in blogging and other areas in my life.  One thing that I want to do this year is come up with new ways to promote the jewelry that I make. 

The etsy shop always takes a back seat to the work I do for Simply Sweet Home and other things that I have to take on in "real life," so for this year, I've decided that I'm going to regularly promote the shop on this blog with a monthly showcase.

This January I'm adding some items for winter and Valentine's Day.  I still have several to add, but here are a few things that I already have for sale.

Also, I'm still offering a 15% savings for my readers in honor of the New Year.  Just enter the coupon code "HAPPYNEWYEAR" at checkout.  This code will be up through Jan 21st, so please take advantage of it while you can!

I call this beauty Colors of My Heart.  It started out as a bracelet and I decided to make it into a necklace instead.  But I can easily make it back into a bracelet for anyone that prefers that. 

This is my first time to make a necklace in this style, and I'm very proud of how it turned out.  Hopefully I can make a lot more necklaces this year!

I think this is the quintessential Valentine's bracelet.  It's called the Dangle My Heart Bracelet.  It offers a lot of elegance and is perfect for people that love silver jewelry.  And the 3 red charms offer just enough contrast and give it a fun Valentine's Day feel.

This is my Valentine Red Heart Bracelet.  This one is actually in the typical style which I would buy or make for myself.  I love bracelets that feature one solid color surrounded by silver and just a few charms so that it's kind of simple but very cute and perfect to wear with dress clothes.

This is one of my winter items.  This is my Black & Pewter Elegance Bracelet.  I actually made a bracelet like this for my mom.  It's right up her alley because she wears black and silver jewelry all the time, and she seemed to really like it.  There's also a matching pair of earrings in the shop.

If you have an etsy shop and you'd like to discuss exchanging buttons or working out some other type of cross-promotion, please contact me!

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