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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Blog Makeover


I am thrilled to announce the launch of Simply Sweet Home's new look. I loved the design I had before; it had become like an old friend, and I was actually sort of sad to see it go.  But I was ready for a little change of scenery. And I hope you guys like it!

And what's even cooler is that I designed and installed everything myself. Me! (Yeah! I'm still a little surprised myself!)  This was my very first time to do a full redesign by myself. (Up till now, I'd only made a couple of buttons and basic graphics.)  Anyway, I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I hope to do a lot more design stuff in the future. (Maybe even do some design work for other bloggers!!)

While I'm here talking about the new look, I wanted to mention a couple of changes and additions I made. First off, I added a section in the sidebar for my Top Blog Referrals.  Each month I'll be sharing a little linky love by listing the blogs that I got the most referrals from.

And I also tried to clean up the sidebars a bit, particularly the section with the blog feature buttons. And by the way, if I've been featured on your blog and I don't have your button, please let me know.  I always try to grab featured buttons to show my appreciation to fellow bloggers, but if I'm not notified about the feature, I often miss it, so if you're button is missing, just drop me a line!

Also, speaking of buttons, I should tell you that if you have my Friday Favorites button or Featured button on your site, these should update without you having to do anything.  But if you have the Simply Sweet Home button, you'll have to grab the new code.  The reason for this is that I didn't make the previous SSH button, and I wasn't aware (or I forgot) that the button code was still "pulling" from the photobucket account of my previous designer and not mine. (oops!) So anyway, I had no choice but to change the code on that.

Okay. Woo! Sorry to blab, just wanted to mention those few changes.  And I've also some other things in the works to tell you about, but I'll save those for another day!

Hope you all have a nice week!

I'm linking up at Tidy Mom and these parties.



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