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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Letter Craft Tutorial

I love fall crafts and decor!  I made this shabby style fall craft the other day.  I guess you'd call it a wall hanging (even though I've hung it on the fridge).  But the concept behind my little fall letters could also be applied to banners, cards, place mats and more.

What You Need:
Black Felt 
Brown Paper or a paper sack
Faux Leaves
Sand paper (or scrapbook paper)
Black Marker or Alphabet Stickers for lettering
Hot Glue
Magnets (optional)


1. Cut 4 squares of black felt.  Mine are 5 inches by 5 inches. 

2. Then cut 4 squares of brown paper. (I used a paper sack).  The size of the brown pieces will depend on how big your black pieces are and how big you want your black border to be.  For example, my brown squares are about a 1/4 of an inch (or so) smaller than the black squares.  But if I was using 10 inch black squares, I probably would make the brown squares about 9 inches.

3. Next crumple the brown squares to create the textured/wrinkled effect.  

4.  Use hot glue to affix the brown squares to the black felt squares.

5. Next position your leaves on top of the brown paper, and affix using hot glue.

6. Next cut out pieces of sand paper (or scrapbook paper) for your FALL letters.

7.  With a Sharpie draw a letter on each piece of paper and place them on top of the leaves using hot glue.  Or you can add stickers or chipboard letters if your prefer.

Directions and Methods for Display/Hanging

The next step depends on how you wish to use the letters.  Here are some options:

1. You could place your letters inside a frame.

2. Another option is to place the letters in a vertical or horizontal row and attach a piece of twine to the back of the letters using hot glue. (Or poke holes in the felt and weave the twine through to connect the letters). And then tie a piece of twine at the end(s) for hanging. (as in the very first picture)

3. As a third option you can attach magnets to the back of the letters for refrigerator hanging. (or you could even use tape).

4. Or you can do a combination of #2 and #3, which will allow you to hang this of the fridge (or somewhere else) in  a variety of ways.  (See examples below)

I'm linking up at Tidy Mom and these parties.

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