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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Wall Hanging

During the summer I shared a couple of projects made with embroidery hoops.  And here's another! This Pumpkin Wall Hanging is very easy and very budget friendly!

I made with it with a couple of sheets from scrapbook kit that I got at the Dollar Tree and (believe it or not) the fabric from an old shirt.

What You Need:
One embroidery hoop (mine was 12 inches)
Fabric (14 x 14 inch square)
2 pieces scrapbook paper or fabric scraps if you prefer
Glue Stick or Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun

Directions: Cut fabric square into a circle (to fit hoop). Wrap fabric around the outside of the inner hoop. Put the outer hoop in place. Make sure the fabric is pulled and stretched tight. Then tighten the hoops to secure the fabric in place. 

Apply hot glue to the inner frame of the embroidery hoop and wrap and press down the excess fabric.

Using a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric, cut out a pumpkin shape and a pumpkin face. Use glue stick or mod podge to add a face to your pumpkin.  Then use hot glue or mod podge to place the decorated pumpkin on your fabric.

Cut out a 6 inch piece of ribbon, loop it through the top of the hoop and tie for hanging.

I'm linking up at Tidy Mom and these parties.

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