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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Holiday Ideas with Pringles


I always love thinking of new ways to use and reuse things, especially containers!  Instead of throwing away  that Pringles can after the chips are gone, consider reusing it!  There's so many possibilities for those little cylinders!

For starters, consider covering the can with a little wrapping paper and then fill it with candy! You could even use the cans as a gift box for your own home made cookies, candies, and  treats!

The cans also make great storage containers for your ribbon, scissors, and other gift wrapping supplies. Or use them to store your crafting supplies!


And of course you can also use them to wrap packages.  Or use them to craft your own holiday centerpiece!

Can you think of some other fun things to do with these cans?


Disclosure: Photos, information and product samples were provided to me by Pringles. The opinions are my own.

I'm linking up at Tidy Mom and these parties.

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