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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Organizing Your Recipe Binder

This month I've been gearing up for the recipe organizing round-up, and I've put together a lot of tips on organizing recipes. But since my round-up post will be centered on my recipe binder alone, (and for the sake of keeping the posts below novel length), I decided to just focus this week's tips post on recipe binders.

-Rather than printing recipes immediately or keeping them on your desktop forever, pick a day each month or every couple of months to have a recipe printing session.

-Only print the recipes that you'll definitely make. This saves paper and prevents you from cluttering your recipe binder with unnecessary stuff.

- To avoid cluttering your computer, delete the bookmarks after you've printed the recipe.

-Copy and paste all the recipes you have bookmarked to a word document. This saves you from printing unneccessary stuff from each webpage. And you can edit the whole document so that everything is in the same format and font/style. (plus you only have to click print once.)

-Use tabs/subject dividers to divide your binder into sections. Or if you have a lot of recipes, divide them into separate binders.

-File the recipes that you print behind appropriate sections in the binder so that they stay organized.

-If you make a recipe and don't like it, remove it from your binder.

-Go through your binder periodically and remove recipes that you never make.

-When you try a new recipe, make notes of any changes you make to the recipe and/or any changes you want to make next time. (different ingredients, change of cooking time, change of recipe size)

By being extremely selective about the recipes you choose to print & getting rid of bad or unused recipes, you can ensure that you have a clutter-free binder filled with ONLY the most delicious recipes!

This post is featured on Rocks in My Dryer and Tammy's Recipes.


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