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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WAHW: Quick Valentine Decor

Today I'm sharing a few Valentine decor items. This is nothing too elaborate...just some things I had on hand that I could put out. I find that after the Christmas decor is put away, everything looks so bare. In the future when we're not on such I tight budget I'd love to buy some things to really make it festive. Till then, these items add a lot color and festiveness to the room. Perhaps you have similar items in your that you could use in this way too.

By the way, in the next couple of weeks, I plan on sharing some Valentine Gift Baskets that I've put together, so be sure to come back for that. I'm also planning to feature some Valentine craft ideas in a few weeks, so if anyone has a craft they'd like to have featured here, just send me your link in an email. Thanks!

Last year I helped my mom with the annual chocolate festival, and we had this cute heart garland that we didn't use. So I weaved it over the tops of the cabinets. (There was such a void to fill after the Christmas garland and balls went down.)

Next I took some of the pink & purple Christmas balls and placed them inside of some glassware:

And can anyone think of any better (or simple) Valentine decor than a candy dish or jar? (Disclaimer: Candy tends to disappear after a few may be necessary to buy extra "decor.")

My hubby bought me these cute little lovebird salt shakers last year. Most of the time, they are in China cabinet, but I put them out just for Valentine's Day.

Hubby also bought this cute cupcake plate last year at Hobby Lobby. (Isn't he the sweetest?)

And here's my snowman of the month for February. I guess if I thought about it, I have all kinds of figurines like this in my cabinet that are Valentine or Heart themed items. Maybe you do too. (And if not, you can get all kinds of things similar to this at the dollar store.) I find that little things like this can add a lot.
I love seasonal dish towels. I have a few of these heart towels in and around the kitchen.

And finally, here's another great example of using what you have. I got these four Valentine glasses. Most people would probably just pour a little coffee or hot chocolate in them. But I prefer to just sit them out and look at them.


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