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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Links To Kid's 4th of July Activities

If you're looking for some fun activities and learning exercises to help teach your kid's about the 4th of July and/or the history of the United States, this post is for you.  This short list of links will provide you with all the worksheets, printables, project ideas, and learning activities you need for your kids of all ages.

Also, check back in a couple of days, because I'll be posting some links to resources for older kids and more advanced studies!

Conversation Jar at Just Sew Sassy - One of our blog friends and Friday Favorites participants, Staci, linked up this great post last week.  It gives you a tutorial on how to make a conversation jar, to teach your kids about our history and patriotic holidays.

Apples for the teacher has a lot of coloring sheets, worksheets, printables, craft projects, a reading list of kid's books, and other great stuff for 4th of July.

Kaboose also has some 4th of July printables for you.

Family Fun has a ton of 4th of July crafts, recipes, and printables.

Activity Village has compiled together a lot of information, quizzes, activity sheets, crafts, etc.

Primary Games had a few color sheets that I thought were cute.

Brighthub has a user article that gives some ideas for lesson plans for preschool children.

Twiggle Magazine has some 4th of July recipes and snacks to make with the kids.


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