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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for March 9

It's menu time again. My mom was nice enough to bring some BBQ ribs by today, which takes care of one of our meals this week. And today I went ahead and made a pot of chicken tortilla soup. I divided it into two bowls and placed the bowls in the freezer. One will be our dinner for Wednesday, and the other be used later on.

My husband just started a new job a few weeks ago, and he's working a rotating shift. It makes meal planning a little harder, because I have to work around his schedule. Off days and day shift are easy to plan, but night shift is a little harder because I have to be able to throw things together fairly quickly. To make those days a little easier, I'm making things that don't take a lot of effort or time to cook, and I'm trying to make things ahead of time (like the soup), or else make those nights our leftover nights. It's taking a little extra planning on my part, but I know I'll adjust soon. Wish me luck!

Breakfasts: french toast sticks, Bagel-Fuls, Toaster Strudel, gravy & biscuit, cereal

Lunches: roast meat sandwich, turkey sandwich, hot dogs, tuna sandwich

Monday - BBQ Ribs, Potatoes Au Gratin, and Baked Beans
Tuesday - Hamburger Steak, biscuits, and leftovers
Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup
Thursday - lasagna & garlic bread
Friday - Chicken Pizza (didn't have last week)
Saturday - Red Beans & Rice, corn, biscuits
Sunday - leftovers

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