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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mod Podge Bathroom Coordinates

Have you ever done a bathroom makeover? I don't mean a makeover with a new vanity, cabinets, and floors.  I'm talking just a simple makeover: new shower curtain, rugs, towels, and coordinates.  These days even the simplest of makeovers can get a expensive.  But thanks to Mod Podge, you can now do a bathroom makeover on even the smallest of budgets!

Previously I shared my Flower Arrangement Revamp and my Easy Initial Art, and today I'm sharing some of the bathroom coordinates that I made over with just a little scrapbook paper and Mod Podge! And what's even better about these makeovers is that I was able to use some really cheap (and I do mean cheap!) stuff that I already had on hand for the project

See what I meant by cheap?  I've had the jar on the left forever! This thing was in my bathroom at my dad's house, and there's no telling how long we've had it!  I used it as a cotton ball holder.  Because I can't let go of anything it came with me when I moved out.  (It had a lid too, but that seems to have disappeared!)  And the basket on the right was something I bought at the Dollar Tree!

And next we have cocoa. Cocoa? Yes, Cocoa! I recently finished off this container of cocoa, and as I was throwing it away, something inside me screamed, "Don't do it!" It just so happens that cocoa containers are the perfect size for storing so many things: Markers, Pens, Cosmetic Brushes, etc.

Here's the trio together!  Quite an improvement, huh?  I should have gotten a better picture, but you'll be able to see them a lot better when they're actually on display in the bathroom.

As you can see, I didn't mod podge the inside of the basket.  I thought about doing it, but it seemed kind of pointless because the basket was going to be filled with a makeup bag and supplies, so you won't really see the inside anyway, and plus hubby and I are the only ones who will be in this bathroom.

And then I also put paper on this little set of drawers!  I actually didn't Mod Podge this, but used tape instead.  I was very happy with the way it turned out!

In an upcoming post, I'll show you the rest of the items, which includes a soap dish & toothbrush holder that I was actually thinking of putting in a yard sale box until I decided to do this instead! And you'll get to see the bathroom with all the elements put together!

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