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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Protect Your Computer Files with Carbonite

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

Carbonite Online Backup

If you've got a computer you most likely have valuable files saved on it.  You could even say that your “whole life is on your computer.”

You may have years of memories captured in family photos on your computer as well as a whole host of music  and other personal files. If you are a blogger like me, you may have a lot of photos and other materials saved for future blog posts.

And if you’re If you’re a business person, you may have files that are crucial to your very livelihood! This could include important spreadsheets and data or a big presentation that your working on, or if you own your own business, this could be anything from product photos to customer information, a project that you are working on for a particular client, even important tax information.

Whether you’re using you computer for personal reasons or for school or business, the loss of your files can be devastating!  After the April tornados, we went out of town to visit relatives until our power got restored.  When we got home, I returned to find my desktop computer had been fried. I thought the surge protector would prevent this from happening, but I was wrong!  Luckily all of my personal files and blog stuff were saved on our other computer or on thumb drives, but unfortunately I lost hours of music , some photos, and other files.  So I know how important computer backup can be!

Carbonite provides unlimited backup for your PC and Mac computers.  Founded in 2005, Carbonite has safely recovered over 7 billion files that otherwise would have been lost forever!

Carbonite is simple and secure. While your computer is connected to the internet, Carbonite works automatically and continually in the background, backing up your important photos, music, and other files!  And you can access all of your backed up information on any computer or smart phone, using the free Carbonite apps.

You can get unlimited online backup with anytime-anywhere access for just $59 a year!  And right now you can try Carbonite for free for two weeks with no credit card required.

After the two week trial, if you decide to order the service, you can also get two months free. Just use the offer code BLOGAD.

Check out Carbonite today and save your irreplaceable files!

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